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we have provided full-service concrete repair and mudj acking services. Our expert teams pressure place high-quality, fast-setting cement grout to raise and level concrete slabs compromised by erosion or damage — streets to sidewalks, driveways to garage floors.

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Benefits of Mudjacking

Mudjacking Saves Money.

Reduces labor costs.

A lowered possibility of injury.

Mudjacking improves ground support.

Doesn’t Keep You Waiting.

Mudjacking is an Eco-Friendly Repair.

Keeps Concrete Color Uniform.


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About Us

Do you require concrete to be leveled or raised? We level uneven concrete on a variety of surfaces, such as sidewalks, garage floors, driveways, patios, entry steps, and more. We provide concrete leveling, void filling, and commercial and residential services.

We are Dayton, Ohio’s top concrete leveling business.




No. In reality, the pool cover must be removed so that we can inspect the pool’s sides and any coping that may be there.

If water is prevented from washing the dirt out from under the concrete, there is no reason why this process won’t persist as long as the concrete. Depending on how old the concrete is, we offer a one- or two-year guarantee on our work. It is necessary to caulk the seam surrounding the concrete with waterproof caulk. When we raise sidewalks around a tree root, we don’t offer a guarantee on our work.

Your landscaping won’t be affected or disturbed by us. Since our product is natural, any leftovers will just wash into the ground and have no impact.

A typical job takes two to five hours. Some swimming pools require a whole day to complete.